Used Teeless Driver

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Grade A Condition

Shows visible signs of normal use, but is in very good shape and has been very well maintained. If you look really close, you may see some minor or faint cosmetic blemishes (e.g., light scuffing and/or scratching), but overall, the luster of new is still very much alive. 

Grade B Condition

Shows general wear associated with normal use over the course of a season or more but has been well cared for. Does not retain any of the "new look" but is in better than average condition. There is absolutely no sign of abuse. Cosmetic imperfections are typically visible. Examples include: scuffing, scratching, tiny paint blemishes, shallow dings/nicking, and normal shaft wear.


Shaft Flex Selector

Swing Speed                   Shaft Flex
75 mph and under Ladies
75-85 mph Senior
85-95 mph Regular
95-105 mph Stiff
105+ mph Extra Stiff