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Guerin Rife

 The Teeless Driver is the flagship product developed by RXS Design, a collaboration between two award-winning golf industry veterans, Guerin Rife and Jeff Sheets. 

Guerin Rife has been designing golf products for the past 30 years and is the inventor of the cavity back mallet putter and putter grooves.

His first company, Rife Putters, was launched in 2000 and its products quickly gained wide Tour acceptance. By 2008, it was one of the largest independent putter brands in golf. After selling Rife Putters to a group of investors, Guerin launched Evnroll Putters which is also enjoying huge success among professional Tour players and consumers.

Jeff Sheets is also a 30-year veteran of golf club research and development and has designed drivers, irons, wedges, and putters for Founders Club, Top-Flite, Hogan, Wilson, Golfsmith and many more.

With more than 20 patents and more than 500 club head designs, Jeff Sheets is one of the most prolific golf club designers in the industry today. In addition to designing clubs for the general public, he has also worked directly with more than 60 of golf's major tournament winners and two dozen Hall-of-Fame members on building and fine tuning their personal golf clubs.

Together, Guerin Rife and Jeff Sheets designed the Teeless Driver to fix one of the biggest problems in golf today, namely, that nearly all "big name" drivers are designed for the high swing speeds and near perfect, consistent contact made by Tour players, not amateurs.

The Teeless Driver, on the other hand, was engineered from the ground up to maximize performance from the (generally) slower swing speeds and less-than-perfect contact typically made by amateur golfers. 

First, the club's low and deep center-of-gravity makes it easy to launch the ball high and far from the tee, fairway, rough, divots, hardpan and sand. 

Second, its patent-pending Spectrum CT clubface means your toe and heel shots fly nearly as far and straight as the ones you hit dead center. 

And third, its sole is chunkproof -- it's impossible to hit fat -- so you hit long, powerful shots even if you make contact with the ground.  

It's also important to note: by creating the Teeless Driver as a direct-to-consumer product, Rife and Sheets were able to have the club heads made in the same foundry as "the big brands," and use premium, brand-name components while keeping the cost as low as possible.  Eliminating the "middlemen" and traditional marketing expenses allows RXS to build a better club and pass all of the value directly to you. 

And of course, they stand behind their work with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

Simply put: you can try the Teeless Driver for 30 Days completely risk free. Take it to the range. Play a few rounds with it. TRY to hit bad shots with it. If the Teeless Driver is not the best club you've ever owned, send it back within 30 days of purchase for a full product refund.